Life: by a college student

I found this awesomely correct website about facts of college life. Its kind of long but here are the ones I feel most accurate.

1. Everything before 12 is considered early. (Noon for class and Midnight for bed)
2. You know how late McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Qdoba, etc. are open.
3. Quarters are like gold. (Literally! I live off vending machines most days)
4. You pay $100 for a book you don’t read once, return it four months later, and get $7
5. You skip one class to write a paper for another (real: prioritizing is a thing)
6. You know at least five people who’ve burned popcorn… and ramen noodles seriously don’t forget to add water (tip: when it popcorn stops popping for three seconds, you’re done.)

Continue reading/procrastinating:
You know you’re at college when…


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