Most nights are less eventful but this moment was quite hysterical. My roommates are a unique collection of misfits that somehow compliment each other. While educating one of them on the eventful world of gay japanese porn, growing surprisingly more common lately, I made an impromptu entrance after class. After several hours of illuminating portraits we had a revelation. What would be the catholic punishment be for watching stills of porn? We have established two entire rosary’s must be said. How strange? To think that if I were to go and confess this sin to a priest I would be told that the ramifications of this are minimal yet in another time I would have been burned at the stake for even watching such a thing. It is exciting living with these people and seeing how our differing worlds collide to create a plethora of experiences. It is so strange to think that to “I” the experience was part of a daily ritual, to “E” and I the experience was startling but comprehensible, and to “C” the entire evening was unimaginable. How is it that four people find each other and find someway too accept each other, sins and all? College is really a crazy place!


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